Announcing the First Annual

Mountain West Area Regatta

Fall 2004 - Date to Be Announced

Our first ever local regatta is around the corner and now is the time to start practicing. All of the events are geared for our youth, and none of the events requires skills or knowledge beyond the ordinary rank.

Be sure to download the Draft Boarding Manual (57 KB) NOW and share it with your crews. The current Boarding Manual is very rough and is designed to give you and your crews a heads up to prepare for the event. Check back often to see if it has been updated.

It takes a lot of effort to make any regatta work and this one is no exception. We are inviting Sea Scouts from Montana, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona and from anywhere else that they wish to come from. Please give us a hand on our regatta committee. Contact me if you are interested in assisting.

Warmest Regards!

John-Michael C. Zimmerle


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